Order flow trading – new data that helps you compete with institutional traders

Tradingfuturesinaction.com; New live trade room with a great Education on a new indicator called the order flow matrix. Sandy Sehgal; Co-Founders & Head Trader trades markets like: CL, EMD, ES, FDAX, GC; NG, ZB: 7:30 ~11:30 am EST. They offer education as to how their trading system works in a live daily trade room.

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Sandy and his team are well experienced expert traders and present as friendly, accomplished and patient scalpers, while reserving one contract from each trade to capture runners. They demonstrate live trades in real time using a price DOM (Live Direct Order Matrix); in you see the trader’s entries, targets and stops are confirmed. The trader trade live money and the live accounts is on the screen.

Order flow is the study of the order book – seeing how aggressively trade volume is working inside a candle. It’s a way of improving trade entries and trade location. You can level the trading field between institutional traders and retail traders.

Check out their social media postings where you can see the chips from their daily trading and education

Go to their site to claim a free5-day trial – all you have to do is send them your name and email using the contact us page. Great place to go if you want to learn to trade.

Website link: http://www.tradingfuturesinaction.com/

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